Oak and Cherry Smoke Top Kits

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  • Oak
  • Cherry Wood
  • Cherry Wood With Metal Torch and Spiral Glass Cup
  • Oak Wood With Metal Torch and Spiral Glass Cup
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Our Smoke Top Kits are burned directly for a rich, smokey flavor that enhances any cocktail hour. No need to load and replace wood chips for each use. This novel design can be placed over any drink and burned to add a smoke infusion. Choose from two distinct wood chimneys: oak or cherry wood. Only natural, untreated wood is used to ensure the best quality.


Oak and Cherry Smoke Top Kit

  • Oak or cherry smoking chimney
  • Whiskey Glass
  • Butane Torch (butane not included)
  • Golden recipe manual
  • Instruction manual
  • Whiskey stones

Oak and Cherry Smoking Chimney

  • Oak or cherry smoking chimney
  • Golden recipe manual
  • Instruction manual
  • Whiskey stones

Types of Smoking Wood

Choose either oak or cherry wood chimney smoker top.

  • Cherry: Slightly sweet notes with a fruity flavor - light intensity.
  • Oak: A nutty flavor with some light vanilla notes - medium intensity.

How to Smoke Cocktail

  1. Make a cocktail and pour into a glass
  2. Place smoking chimney on top of your cocktail glass
  3. With butane torch, burn the smoking top for 20-30 seconds
  4. Let the top sit for 30-60 seconds to allow the smoke to become infused
  5. Enjoy

How to Smoke Glass

  1. Use a butane culinary torch to the smoking chimney, burning for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Cover flame with a cold cocktail glass.
  3. Let the glass sit for 20-30 seconds, allowing the smoke to dissipate and infuse the glass.
  4. Fill glass desire spirit or cocktail, add ice or enjoy neat.
  5. Enjoy

How To Videos

How to Easily Smoke Any Cocktail with Busy Bee PRO Cocktail Smoking Kit!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

5-in-1 Multi Flavor Board kit

  • Assemble your cocktail as usual. This time, in your new Busy Bee On The Rocks glass.
  • Place your luxury cocktail chimney on top of your glass while lightly lighting it with the butane torch.
  • Aromatic and sensual senses of smokey woods will flow from your cup
  • Guide the smoke down into the glass and allow it to chill for roughly 20-30 seconds, curating based on your taste preferences.
  • Remove the chimney and allow the smoke to billow, flow, and impress all your guests.
  • Sip, simmer, and enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oak/Cherry cocktail smoker is an all in one model. No wood chips are required to use this variation. However, it is limited to about 250 uses depending on how much and how long you heat the saucer for. The Pro Cocktail smoker on the other hand is not burned directly. This model requires wood chips that are dropped down the center and then lit with a torch. This model is intended to last longer; while also allowing the user to change between different flavors of wood chips. All of which give unique flavors.
Currently we have Oak, Hickory, and Cherry wood chips. However, we will be expanding into other kinds of premium woods.
The wood is sourced in North America
Does the Torch come with Butane:
No. We do not ship them pre filled