Smoking Torch

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Upgrade your kitchen with a professional cooking torch. Crafted for cocktail smoking, this versatile torch so many more used. This versatile torch is perfect for cocktail smoking and can be used with our cocktail smokers; however, its utility extents into the kitchen for finishing touch to your delectable crème brulee, toasty mac n’ cheese and so much more.


Smoking Torch


  1. Smoking Cocktails
  2. Brulee sugars
  3. Brown toppings
  4. Roast peppers
  5. Toast marshmallows
  6. Getting a fire started

Safety First

The blow torch for cooking is designed with a safety lock button to prevent accidental ignition for a safe and easy application. It also has a long fire nozzle to reduce the risk of burns and ensure a comfortable and safe operation.

Easy to Operate

This mini kitchen torch has an easy-reach trigger button and cordless design for easy one-hand operation and safe ignition from any angle. Also, it has special buttons for adjusting the flame and temperature depending on your needs and preferences.

How To Videos

How to Easily Smoke Any Cocktail with Busy Bee PRO Cocktail Smoking Kit!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

5-in-1 Multi Flavor Board kit

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oak/Cherry cocktail smoker is an all in one model. No wood chips are required to use this variation. However, it is limited to about 250 uses depending on how much and how long you heat the saucer for. The Pro Cocktail smoker on the other hand is not burned directly. This model requires wood chips that are dropped down the center and then lit with a torch. This model is intended to last longer; while also allowing the user to change between different flavors of wood chips. All of which give unique flavors.
Currently we have Oak, Hickory, and Cherry wood chips. However, we will be expanding into other kinds of premium woods.
The wood is sourced in North America
Does the Torch come with Butane:
No. We do not ship them pre filled