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you truly want to impress someone, there’s nothing like lighting a fire. And when it comes to smoked cocktails, the result is about much more than presentation—although it’s definitely Instagram-worthy too. The aromatic notes of smoke lend a roughness that’s more of a sense, rather than a decrease of sugar. You also get more tannic aspects of the wood. And of course there’s the fragrance of whatever you smoke, which provides another layer to your drink. The scent thrills the taste and lends complexity to the flavor of the cocktail,

Add it all up, and smoke contributes to a cocktail’s multi-sensory encounter you can pull off at home, with the proper equipment and a few protective measures (since you are dealing with fire and alcohol, after all) (since you are working with fire and alcohol, after all). Follow these skilled methods to make rich and Smokey whiskey cocktails.


Depending on your budget and desired degree of smoke, there are a variety of options for smoking a cocktail. Smoke-rinsing your glass is the first option that will provide you with the least amount of smoke flavor possible. To begin, let your beverage to cool. According to Potts, smoke has a tendency to attach to cold things. Prepare the cocktail, then use a blowtorch to fire whatever you're smoking right before serving it. The use of lighter fluid will result in a chemical taste that is overwhelming. Placing a cool glass on top of the burning component will help to restrict the smoke from getting out (options below). After the smoke has faded, you're ready to start pouring.

There is also the option of smoking and then washing the whole drink. Because of the tight opening that enables the smoke to escape, a wine decanter or pitcher is an excellent choice for this use. After the vessel has been allowed to cool, place the smoking element on top of the vessel and ignite it. Provide a little amount of oxygen to the fire so that it may burn for a longer period of time and create more smoke. Pour your prepared drink into the vessel and swirl it around until you're satisfied with the smoke effect it produces (a few minutes is a decent rule of thumb). It's OK to set it aside for a few minutes, but you won't get much of the smoky flavor from it. Take a sip of your Smokey beverage from a glass.

If you want to become a specialist in smoked cocktails, you might consider purchasing a smoking gun. One may be purchased for around $100 on Amazon. Once the smoking component has been placed in the chamber at the top of the glass, use the hose to guide a constant stream of smoke straight into the glass.

If you choose the fourth option, you will be able to obtain an intense flavor, but it will need extreme caution. To build a smoky fire, use the same wood chips or planks that you'd use to cook meat in your smoker or grill to cook the meat. Insert a pot or heat-proof bowl containing the drink you desire to smoke into a double-boiler, then put it within another pot or bowl that has been filled with ice to create a double-boiler. Make sure the double-boiler is not directly over the flame, but is still capable of capturing the smoke that results from the cooking process.

Safety precautions

Anyone who knows anything about fire and alcohol knows that the two may be a deadly mix. If you decide to prepare smoked cocktails, use caution and common sense. Wearing loose garments and tying back long hair are not recommended. If you're going to use a smoking gun, consider smoking your beverages outdoors. And if you've already had a couple of smoked Manhattans, it's best to make a non-smoked cocktail for the following round to avoid becoming too sick.


In the creation of smoked cocktails since there are so many different options out there to choose from. Before lighting a cigarette, he explains, you can't tell how things will smell. I smoked 10 or 15 different components to find the one that had the right aromatic properties for a specific cocktail he was working on. You may try smoke-rinsing your glass by lighting anything on fire and smelling it. It's possible to smoke-rinse a drink in a bigger container if you choose.

Here are a few items to experiment with, each of which will provide a distinct taste to your cocktail:

Oak wood: This wood may be used to simulate barrel ageing and enhance the charred wood aromas found in whiskey.

Pecan wood has a burnt nuttiness to it.

The taste of rosemary is rustic and herbal.

Cinnamon has a mild sweetness and a softer smoke than other spices.

Vanilla beans have a pleasant and mild smoke to them.

Citrus peels: use as a garnish to add a hint of citrus flavor to the top of the beverage.

Salt may provide a boost to a drink while also enhancing the overall taste profile.

While melting, ice emits a slight Smokey aroma that gradually becomes more noticeable (For full instructions on creating smoked ice, see the recipe for the Smoked Old Fashioned.

You may also flavor the items you smoke by applying additional flavors to them. Use chocolate bitters to sprinkle on top of wood chips, or bathe whatever you're about to burn in absinthe, over proof rum, peated scotch, or other extremely combustible and flavorful liquids before setting it ablaze.



Instead of being afraid to experiment with your drinks, try these taste combinations, which have been shown to work well together in previous experiments. It's important to remember that smoking is the finest method for making stirred drinks.

Rye with any wood: “The spicy essence of rye pairs extremely well with oak, cherry, or hickory, adds that a smoked Manhattan is a wonderful first smoked cocktail to experiment with.

Bourbon with corn husks:

According to experts, "the maize husks bring up the corn flavor in the whiskey while also adding a subtle sweetness." Bourbon with corn husks

Scotch with thyme:

The pairing of Scotch and thyme is a good one because "even without smoking, thyme has a smoky flavor to it, we explain. "Scotch will always work well with smoky stuff, even if it isn't peated," he adds.

Wheated bourbon with cinnamon:

We recommend wheated whiskey with cinnamon because bourbon is naturally sweet, and the pleasant flavors of cinnamon will enhance the sweetness of the spirit.

Irish whiskey with coffee beans:

Using coffee beans to enhance the flavor of Irish whiskey: "When I drink pot still Irish whiskey, the most prominent notes are coffee and chocolate," we explain. "It would be intriguing to see whether you could enhance it with coffee or even coffee beans sprinkled with cocoa powder."


The presentation of smoking cocktails is an art form in and of itself. Provide a plank or heatproof tray to rest the glass on so that your guests can watch the ingredients burn as they sip their drinks. After that, turn the glass over and pour the drink in.

Cinnamon sticks and herbs, for example, are excellent garnishes for dishes made with smoked ingredients. A drink named Gettin Figgy Wit It is one of the offerings of Sac-a-Lait, according to experts.  don't use any cigarette smoke in the preparation of the drink. As a garnish, I sear a rosemary sprig on the grill until it is crispy. When the drink is delivered to the visitor, the sprig of mint is still shouldering. This adds a very faint smokiness to the drink and is intended to provide a pleasant scent.

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