"Why Smoke your Drink?"

When you fill a cold glass with smoke. The smoke comes in contact with condensed smoke on both sides of the glass. The water-soluble molecules in the smoke, then dissolve into the moisture around the glass; imparting their smell and taste to the eventual cocktail.

Did You Know? That 80% of what you taste, is made up from aromas? This is why food and drinks become relatively flavorless when we get plugged up. Our High-Quality Wooden Cocktail Makers are made up from the most premium and aromatic woods that will enhance and bring out your cocktails flavors.

Types of Wood Smoke


Slightly Sweet Notes with a fruity smoke flavor (Light Intensity)

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A Nutty Flavor with some Light Vanilla Notes, (Medium Intensity)


Moderate Tobacco Notes with a mild spicy flavor, (Medium Intensity)


Smooth & Sweet Tree Molasses Notes, (Light Intensity)


An Earthy Taste with Hints of Charcoal Notes, (High Intensity)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oak/Cherry cocktail smoker is an all in one model. No wood chips are required to use this variation. However, it is limited to about 250 uses depending on how much and how long you heat the saucer for. The Pro Cocktail smoker on the other hand is not burned directly. This model requires wood chips that are dropped down the center and then lit with a torch. This model is intended to last longer; while also allowing the user to change between different flavors of wood chips. All of which give unique flavors.
Currently we have Oak, Hickory, and Cherry wood chips. However, we will be expanding into other kinds of premium woods.
The wood is sourced in North America
Does the Torch come with Butane:
No. We do not ship them pre filled