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The Smoky sour is a fantastic whiskey cocktail recipe in the world of mixology and cocktails and, over the years, has become a favorite of cocktail smokers as it offers a haven for the senses. Each shot of this Smoked cocktail provides an explosion of aromas and flavors with smoky, slightly bitter, and sweet tones that combine masterfully to give more depth and dimension to the whiskey. Today we show you how to prepare this smoked whiskey cocktail at home quickly and entertainingly.

Enjoy a drink with more nuances!

Smoked cocktails for whiskey lovers

If smoked cocktails are something new to you or you have doubts about why you should try them, we tell you that smoked cocktail recipes go beyond an excellent presentation.

The effect of this smoked touch is that it provides a unique and distinctive flavour profile which changes depending on your wood of choice. The aromas and tastes become significantly enhanced to provide a unique experience on the palate since its qualities enhance the drinks flavor. So simply, by smoking the cocktail, you give it another layer since the aroma elevates the flavor and dimensions of the drink.

When you add all these factors together, you get a multi-sensory experience in every sip of your cocktail. The best part? You can prepare it from the comfort of your home if you have the right equipment and take safety measures (remember, you are working with alcohol and fire).

The best equipment to make your smoked cocktail

According to the amount and type of smoke or aroma you want to add to your drink, there are several ways to smoke a cocktail. However, at Busy Bee Cocktail Smokers, we suggest you purchase a particular cocktail smoker set if you wish to continuously experiment with your senses and enrich your favorite whiskey cocktail recipe and create unique combinations:

  1. A butane torch
  2. A Glass Cup
  3. Whiskey stones
  4. And a Busy Bee Cocktail Smoker Wood Board

    Let's shake it!

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    Smoky sour, a classic for cocktail smokers!

    This is an ideal smoked cocktail recipe to enjoy in an afternoon or evening to surprise friends and family. It fits perfectly in any celebration and atmosphere, whether informal or a gala. If you have the special equipment for smoking, you can quickly get the ingredients at any supermarket or liquor store. Let the fun begin!

    How to prepare Smoky sour easily


    1. 2 ounces of Whiskey (of your choice)
    2. ¾ ounces of seedless lemon juice
    3. ¼ ounce lapsang souchong black tea syrup
    4. 1 egg white
    5. Ice cubes

        Preparation in a few easy steps

        1. Use a torch to burn your preferred wood flavor on the Busy Bee Cocktail Smoking Board (Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, & Walnut) for about 30 seconds. When this is done, place a glass cup to cover the flame and let it fill with smoke. (Preferred Tip: Use a Cold Cup straight from the freezer to provide a surface that encapsulates the wood aromas)
        2. In a shaker or cocktail mixer, introduce all the ingredients except the ice and start shaking vigorously for 30 seconds.
        3. Open the shaker and add several ice cubes.
        4. Shake again for approximately 20 seconds.
        5. Serve the cocktail through the shaker's strainer or strain it through a fine-mesh strainer.
        6. After pouring the contents into a rocks glass, you must wait for the contents to settle. The approximate time it will take will be about 10 seconds. 

        Let the happiness begin! 

        How to select the wood coaster for your smoked cocktails?

        While there are an incredible amount of ingredients that you can include in your whiskey cocktail recipe and create extraordinary smoked cocktails, we suggest that you continually try new aromas. Experiment! Select a wood chip of your choice, light it, take the time to enjoy its scent and if you like it, serve it in a glass!

        We want to make this task easier for you to continue making your whiskey a sublime experience, so we suggest some ingredients to try. Each of them brings a different dimension and flavor to your smoked cocktail.

        • Maple: provides slightly sweet and very smooth tones that enhance the whiskey's sugar, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer sweeter drinks.
        • Cherry: brings distinction with a cloud of light smoke and a faint sweetness with a fruity aroma to give a new nuance to each cocktail.
        • Oak: this wood has the quality that can slightly emulate the aging in the barrel, which helps to deepen the woody notes of whiskey.
        • Hickory: ideal for those who enjoy intense flavors with bitter undertones that elevate the dryness of the whiskey and explode the taste buds with more complex aromas and flavors.
        • Walnut: These wood chips create a rustic and robust smoke aroma that gives freshness and highlights the profile and hidden flavors of the whiskey.

        Experiment and discover extraordinary combinations!

        To remember

        Remember that the success of a cocktail lies in the mix of flavors you make. So give free rein to your imagination and create your variation of the Smoky Sour cocktail.

        Have you tried this smoky sour cocktail recipe yet? Do you know of other whiskey cocktail recipes? Let us know in the comments!

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