The Rise in Popularity of Smoked Cocktails

in Cocktail Recipes

Smoked cocktails have become increasingly popular in both home and professional bars alike. In recent years, the use of wood smoke to flavor drinks has become a go-to technique for adding complexity and depth to classic cocktail recipes. With the busy bee cocktail smoker kit from, you can easily infuse your favorite spirits and beverages with a variety of smoky flavors.

The process of smoking cocktails is relatively simple and doesn't require any special skills or equipment. First, choose your type of wood chips to smoke your drink - there are many different options available, including applewood, mesquite, cherrywood, hickory, oak, and more. Place the chips inside the smoker box and light them - this will release an aromatic smoke that will permeate your ingredients while they're being smoked.

Once your ingredients are lightly smoked (which generally takes around 15 minutes), you can then add them to a shaker or mixing glass filled with other ingredients such as honey syrup or fresh citrus juices to create complex flavorful cocktails. Each type of wood produces its own unique flavor profile when used to smoke drinks; for example, applewood imparts sweet notes while hickory produces smokier notes that are perfect for stirred drinks like Manhattans.

Smoking cocktails with different woods also creates interesting visual effects; for instance, using mesquite gives drinks an amber hue while using maple provides a subtle golden color. Cocktail-specific smokers like those found in the busy bee cocktail smoker kit make it easy to add smoky flavors without having to heat up big chunks of wood - simply fill up the smoker box with the desired wood chips before adding your spirit or beverage into it.

In addition to adding flavor to mixed drinks at home or behind the bar, smoked cocktails are great for entertaining guests because they provide an interactive experience that everyone can enjoy. Smoked cocktails can be served neat as well as over ice in traditional rocks glasses - it's entirely up to you! Plus, some types of woods like juniper berry also impart their own herbal aromas into drinks which adds even more complexity and depth of character when serving these original creations at dinner parties or social events.

So why not try out some smoked cocktails next time you’re hosting an event? With the busy bee cocktail smoker kit from you can have all kinds of fun experimenting with various wood flavors and creating unique flavor combinations that your guests will love!

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