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The cocktail's origins may be traced back to an Old Fashioned. The first ever drink! A New York newspaper was the first to report about it in the early 1800s. When other whiskey drinks began to appear in the 1806s, a name for the original was required. It was at this point that the "Old Fashioned" came into being.

As one of the IBA's approved drinks, the Old Fashioned is a traditional alcoholic beverage. As a result, there is a "official" definition of the drink, which is as follows:

  • The bourbon or rye whiskeys
  • Angostura bitters with a sugar cube
  • A cocktail cherry with orange peel garnish.

Initially, bartenders began cold smoking their beverages to provide a Smokey taste. If you're looking for a fresh take on an old favorite, this is it.


For a fun twist on a traditional drink, try this Smoked Old Fashioned with maple syrup and smoke! A traditional bourbon drink, the Old Fashioned is made with rye whiskey and simple syrup. It's also a cinch to put together! A simple syrup, tonics and a twist of orange peel are all

you need to make a delicious bourbon cocktail. However, there are a few tips and tactics that might take your Old Fashioned to the next level.

First ever first,

Make your recipes using maple syrup instead of basic syrup (which is simply sugar and water). Adding maple syrup gives the Smoked Old Fashioned an unexpected (but wonderful) depth of taste that you don't get from simple sugar. Just don't use the "maple syrup" in a squeeze bottle that comes packaged. Use the genuine deal.  Consider maple syrup matured in rye bourbon barrels.

Second to do,

Bitters are exactly what they sound like. Bitter. But when mixed with a beverage, they begin to have a profound effect. It is most often used Angostura Bitters; however, Distillers employs black walnut bitters in its Smoked Old-Fashioned. For each drink, you just need a few drops.

Lastly to consider,

Your wicked bartending wizard persona may be revealed here. Until now, you haven't been exposed to smoking weapons, so you need to learn about them. ASAP. Small amounts of wood chips (nearly wood dust) are burned and then sent through a tube in a smoke cannon. To smoke, you'll need a separate smoker, which I purchased.

A Smoked Old Fashioned is a novel twist on a traditional drink. Smokiness permeates every sip thanks to this outrageous twist. So let’s have a look on it that how to make it.


  • The equivalent of one cube of sugar (1 teaspoon sugar)
  • 4 slashes Bitters from Angostura bushes
  • One-quarter of a teaspoonful of water
  • 4 tbsp. of (2 ounces) whisky made with bourbon
  • Orange peel is used as a decorative element.
  • garnished with a cocktail cherry
  • Cubes of ice, large (and preferably transparent)
  • Firearm in hand



  • In a glass, combine the bitters and sugar cube. The cocktail cherry and orange peel should be placed in the drinker's glass. You may do this by filling the glass with smoke with a smoking pistol and then covering it with a bigger glass or pitcher. The smoke should be released after a two-minute wait. Then, for a last 2 minutes, exhale into the glass before releasing the smoke.
  • Remove the cherry and orange peel. A muddler or wooden spoon may be used to break up the sugar cube into smaller pieces and mix it with the water.
  • Then, stir in the bourbon whiskey. a big cube of ice
  • Use an orange peel to release oils and then add to the drink. Place the peel in the glass after running the peel around the glass's edge gently. An edible cocktail cherry may be used as a last finishing touch. Add more smoke and cover the glass with the bigger one. Wait two minutes before releasing the smoke and preparing the dish for serving.

If you want to make a Smokey cocktail, here's how to make it: obviously, by blending it with smoke!

The bourbon is complemented by the smoke in this traditional drink, and the rosemary-infused simple syrup doubles as a swizzle stick. If you're hosting a party, this will be a terrific discussion starter!

The smoker, a cold smoker that can be carried in one's palm, is used to create the smoke in this dish. You can quickly and simply impart a wonderful smokiness to a drink by infusing it with a cloud of smoke and letting it permeate the bourbon. You may experiment with various tastes by using other forms of fuel for the smoking gun, such as crushed cigars or even tea! There are so many options available to you!

Pour the bourbon of my choice into a glass, and then cover the pitcher with plastic wrap to keep the smoke from the smoker from escaping. The bourbon will be lovely and Smokey when I'm ready to prepare the drink.

How to make a smoked Old Fashioned?

It takes three different applications of smoke to make a smoked Old Fashioned. The following are the first steps:


  • 2 minutes of smoking sugar, cocktail cherry, and orange peel. The garnishes are simpler to smoke than the liquid. As a result, the addition of garnishes is critical here. Cover the glass with a bigger glass or a glass pitcher after adding smoke with a smoking pistol.
  • Smoke for two minutes more. To maximize the Smokey taste, add a second "booster" smoke by re-smoking the glass and covering it.
  • Prepare the beverage of your choice. Add the bourbon and ice to the sugar and water and muddle. Re-incorporate the smoked garnishes.
  • Third ignite the smoker. Once again, smoke the glass for 2 minutes to bring out the last Smokey taste and give the display a little flair.

Use crystal ice to make it even more eye-catching!

Using the right ice is critical! Trying a smoked Old Fashioned will lead us to believe you're an experienced home bartender. Clear ice is ideal for events where the focus is on visual appeal. What's this?

Instead of the hazy ice that develops in an ice tray, clear ice is absolutely clear. Ice cubes may be sliced to resemble like drinks served at high-end establishments.

It's easy to make! It's the quickest and easiest method to improve your cocktail-making skills, and it only takes 24 hours.

A smoked Old Fashioned should be served at the right time

Impress your friends with the smoked Old Fashioned drink! As an example of:

  • Drink of the day
  • Drink during a dinner party
  • In the wee hours of the morning, one might have a cup
  • Guys, we've got a drink for you tonight.
  • At the end of the day.

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