How To Use An Oak Wood Cocktail Smoker

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Smoking guns are entertaining, but they may also be dangerous since it is possible to lose control of the quantity of smoke created and end up smoking the whole room, says Miguel Lancha, Cocktail Founder at ThinkFoodGroup. 'It simply takes more experience and efforts to predict how much it will create in a minute to get it right the first time.' Using its hose, you may send the smoke straight into a carafe or a bottle, where it can be trapped and used to smoke a batch of cigarettes, for instance."

If you're utilizing a smoking gun with a hose, here are some pointers from Lancha: Fill a bottle partly with water and place it on the table. You'll increase the amount of liquid that can be smoked by increasing the surface area of the liquid. In contrast, if you're just smoking a drink in a glass, make sure the glass already has a huge ice cube inside of it ("It'll hold the smoke for a little longer than just the naked glass," says the author).

Depending on how much smoke you want, there are a variety of ways you may use to generate it. The most often used method is to smoke rinse your glass of wine. It indicates that you are filling your glass with smoke from inside. You just turn the cold glass over and pour your beverage into it.

A smoking cocktail is relatively simple to make and requires just a few simple ingredients. The secret to making a superb smoked cocktail is, well, the smoke itself. This is easily produced by burning Applewood, hickory, or oak sticks, which are all readily available. If you're feeling very inventive, experiment with your favorite tea or all-natural tobacco. 

  • Remember to mix in some ice to dilute and chill your beverage once it has been made.
  • After that, disconnect your smoke-filled decanter and carefully pour the liquid into the smoke until it is completely submerged. Shake the bottle a few times.
  • It is critical to avoid shaking a cocktail too much or for an excessive amount of time before smoking it. The more shaking that takes place and the longer the drink is exposed to the smoke, the stronger the smoke taste will be able to develop. Try 4 or 5 mild shakes to see how it goes.
  • Pour the drink into the serving glass slowly, allowing the smoke to settle on the surface. Cocktails with a nice scent, a terrific flavor, and a gorgeous presentation are considered to be excellent.

Rinse the whole concoction with a cloud of smoke. A big vessel, such as a wine decanter or pitcher, with a tiny aperture to catch the smoke is ideal for this purpose. As previously said, after cooling the vessel, ignite the smoking component and then put the vessel on top of the flame. Allow a little amount of oxygen to enter the fire; this will allow the fire to burn longer and gather as much smoke as possible. Pour your prepared cocktail into the vase and swirl it around after you're pleased with your cigarette (a few minutes is a good rule of thumb). However, the most of the smoke taste will be there after 30 seconds or so of putting it on a heat source. Pour your smoky beverage into a glass and sit back and relax.

If you want to make smoked cocktails your specialty, you might consider investing in a smoking gun to manufacture them. One may be purchased on Amazon for around $100. Pour a regulated stream of smoke directly into your glass by inserting the smoking component into the chamber at the top of the container.

Using the last option results in the strongest taste, but it must be done with utmost care. For smokers and grills, make a Smokey fire using the same wood chips or planks that you would use to cook the meat. Double-boiler your liquid by putting it in a pot or heat-proof bowl and placing it inside another pot or bowl filled with ice (this will prevent your liquid from heating up, which will ruin the taste of what you're smoking). Set the double-boiler away from the flame, where it will be cooler but will still be able to capture the smoke.

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